Wide Belt Sander Double Rollers

Double Rollers Wide Belt Sander

Double Rollers Wide Belt Sander


US-1300-R-RP    US-1000-R-RP    US-630-R-RP





                                              US-1300-R-RP    US-1000-R-RP    US-630-R-RP

Processing Width              40-1300mm        40-1000mm        40-630mm

Processing Thickness       2.5-110mm         2.5-110mm         2.5-110mm

Minimum Processing

Length                                 500mm                600mm                500mm

1st Sanding Belt Speed    19 m/s                  18 m/s                  18 m/s

2nd Sanding Belt

Speed                                  18 m/s                  14 m/s                  14 m/s

Feed Speed         6-30 meters/min      6-30 meters/min   6-30 meters/min

Size of Sanding

Belt                       2200x1300mm          1030x2000mm           1900x650mm

Total Motor Power          56.74kW              27.87kW              20.37kW

Main Motor Power          37.30kW              15.11kW              11.75kW

Working Air

Pressure                              0.55MPA              0.55MPA              0.55MPA

Consumption of

Compressed Air                 1.5 cbm/min       1 cbm/min           0.5 cbm/min

Volume of Sucked

Air                                        9500 m3/min      9500 m3/min      9500 m3/min

Speed of Sucked Air         25-30 m/s            25-30 m/s            25-30 m/s

Overall Size         2000x2200x2150mm 1980x1590x1950mm 1980x1220x1900mm

Net Weight                        3600kg                 2500kg                 2000kg


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