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Bandsaws - Laguna

LT14BX Bandsaw

Laguna is known for providing quality bandsaws with unparalleled stability and power in even our most compact machines. No matter which bandsaw you choose, whether you are a hobbyist or professional woodworker, you will never want to go to any other bandsaw.

Priced From $1,097 - $10,995

Laguna Tools Signature 14|12 Bandsaw


14|12 Bandsaw

Two years in the making, Laguna is finally ready to introduce the 14|Twelve. This is Laguna’s first foray into the 110 Volt segment. The result is an un-compromised feat. Features include pyramid shaped spine, 1 ¾ HP TEFC Motor, quick release tension, 115 volt outlet and micro polished 21 X 16″ table mounted onto oversized Trunion paired with Aluminum Hi/Low Fence. Solid Cast Wheels are electronically, dynamically balanced & fitted with polyurethane one-piece tires designed to run cooler & last longer than conventional tires. The worm gear & pinion is ultra-smooth and engineered to have minimum flex even when fully extended. This is a trade mark of Laguna, just like the famous ceramic Laguna guides. Double windows allows you to check both tension & tracking while the machine is running.

Italian LT16 HD Bandsaw


Italian LT16 HD Bandsaw

The Laguna Tools LT16HD has European saw features – a 5HP 220V 1 phase US Leeson continuous duty motor to provide plenty of power to match the 16″ resaw height. The standard high/low resaw fence, geared trunnions and EZ tension indicator make operation a breeze. Our award winning Laguna Guide system features thumb screws for quick adjustment and precision control
110V 14|BX Bandsaw

14|bx Bandsaw

Main differences from 14|12: Weight increased Solid one-piece Frame Frame is heavier Gauge Magnetic On/Off Switch Disc-Brake w/ Micro-Switch Dual light mounting positions

Italian LT14 SUV Enhanced Bandsaw


LT14 x 14 SUV Bandsaw

LT14 SUV Bandsaw – Who said that you cannot improve on perfection?

The LT14 SUV is an upgraded version of the LT14 3000 series bandsaw – in other words, we have taken something great and made it even greater!

Italian LT18 Bandsaw


Italian LT18 Bandsaw

The Laguna Tools LT 18 bandsaw is the perfect step-up from the legendary LT16 HD. The larger table and increased resaw height and throat capacity open additional opportunities to show off your woodworking skills. This European saw features a 5 HP Leeson motor to provide plenty of power to match the 18″ resaw height. The standard high/low resaw fence, geared trunions and EZ tension indicator make operation a breeze. Our award winning Laguna Guide system features thumb screws for quick adjustment and precision control.

LT18 3000 Series Bandsaw

Meet the new 'senior' member of our Bandsaw family  the LT18 3000 Series that has been designed to improve your woodworking performance while being gentle on your wallet. That’s what happens when you take a great machine and re-manufacture with the same features and quality manufacturer. All of the Laguna innovations are included, such as the patented and award winning Laguna Guides with Space Age technology, rack and pinion tilt system to tilt the table and counter balanced with a gas spring. You will thrive when using the LT18 3000 Series because it is not only built tough, it is built Laguna Tough with all the innovative features.

Italian Resaw Master Bandsaw

The Resaw Master is exactly what this bandsaw is really good at. With 18″ resaw and 2″ blade capacity, you basically have your own lumber mill. This bandsaw comes standard with a 5 HP Leeson motor for resawing large lumber. The standard high/low resaw fence, geared trunions, and EZ tension indicator make operating a breeze. Our award winning Laguna Guide system features thumb screws for quick adjustment and precision control.

Italian LT20 Bandsaw

Many years ago, Torben Helshoj came up with the idea of matching the wheel size to the resaw capacity, changing the way in which woodworkers measure bandsaws. The LT20 has a massive 20-plus inches of resaw, (enough to satisfy any woodworker’s cutting appetite) and cast-iron fly wheels, fence and table. The modern steel frame is manufactured in Italy and assembled with the “Laguna Collection” of features to ensure you get the most out of this Italian work of art.

Our 'collection' includes geared trunions, EZ Tension indicator and our award-winning Laguna Guide System with Space Age technology

Torben Helshoj is 5’ 8 inches on a good day, so you should be able to get the perspective of pure mass the LT37 bandsaw provides. While this industrial bandsaw is huge, great attention has been given to the fine points that make it easy to use and performance perfection. The tilt mechanism is manufactured from two pieces of solid cast iron that slide within each other in a dovetail system. There is an ergonomically designed foot brake that shuts the motor off automatically, and easy blade change make operating this bandsaw a joy.

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